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Nekudat Maga (Contact Point) is located in the heart of Jerusalem's German Colony in a tranquil and relaxing neighborhood and provides guidance for a healthy life style through therapeutic techniques and a variety of classes to support a balanced and enhanced quality of life.
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Yet a tree broader than a man can embrace is born of a tiny shoot;
A dam greater than a river can overflow starts with a clod of earth;
A journey of a thousand miles begins at the spot under one's feet.

Therefore deal with things before they happen;
Create order before there is confusion.

Pilates in jerusalem
Pilates fuses body and mind to strengthen muscles and joints, increase flexibility, and improve balance. Lessons take place in small groups and are highly recommended to improve posture and balance for anyone wishing to do so, as well as to dancers and athletes wishing to improve performance. Pilates requires close and personal attention from instructors. Our highly professional team of instructors and intimate groups of students allow just that and helps reach maximum results in a better environment. We constantly consult with the best caregivers (Tuina, Acupuncture, physiotherapy) that Nekudat Maga has to offer in order to guaranty the best for our Pilates students.
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Jerusalem Wellness Clinic
Our personalized programs are designed to improve your quality of life by providing relief from pain, digestive problems, respiratory disorders, hormonal imbalances, excess weight, stress and more. Our practitioners provide state of the art practices, keeping current with the latest advances in their respective fields.

Jerusalem Tuina & Massage
Massage - A variety of approaches to massage therapy are offered, all of which are soothing, liberating, and refreshing. Massage is both a pleasurable, indulgent experience as well as an effective treatment for relieving pain, decreasing stress and improving circulation. Tuina is a traditional Chinese medicinal massage, this bodywork therapy is a most effective treatment for orthopedic problems, pain and fatigue. Tuina is a dynamic, liberating, and energizing treatment.

Jerusalem Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture clinic
The insertion of thin sterile needles into precise points along the body's energy pathways will balance your chi (life force) and bring about equilibrium in the various physiological systems. Acupuncture has long been used to treat pain and other maladies.

Herbal Treatment and Nutritional Counseling
Medicinal herbs are prescribed according to physiological diagnosis. Nutritional Counseling is provided to balance the body and improve quality of life.

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